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Shana Bean FNP-BC

Shana Bean, FNP-BC

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Born in Kansas and raised in Arizona, Shana Bean began her career working with seniors in her early tweens when she volunteered to work at a local senior care center. She came to ArchWell Health because of the emphasis on preventive care, and strives to make her patients feel valued, respected, and truly listened to. When she’s not with members, she enjoys spending time with her husband (her high school sweetheart), their four boys, and their two American Bullies.

Services Available

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Primary Care

Personalized care that’s focused on your overall health and tailored to your specific needs.

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Cardiology Telehealth

Convenient appointments with specialists to diagnose and manage heart conditions.

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Preventive Health Screenings

Tests and screenings to detect any diseases or conditions in the early stages, so that we can address them quickly.

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Nutrition Education

Expert guidance on healthy eating habits and dietary choices to promote overall health.

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Lab Work

Routine blood testing and urine analysis to monitor your health and detect any underlying medical conditions.

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Immunizations to strengthen your immune system and protect you against flu, COVID, and other illnesses.

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Care Management

Personalized support and guidance to help you navigate your healthcare journey and achieve the best outcomes.

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Social Work Referrals

Our social workers can help you with things like advanced directives, financial assistance, mental health support, and more.

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Medicare Advantage Partners

We partner with Medicare Advantage Plans such as:

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