Who is ArchWell Health?

ArchWell Health is a new, innovative healthcare company devoted to improving the lives of our senior members. We deliver best-in-class care at comfortable, accessible neighborhood centers where seniors can feel at home and become part of a vibrant, wellness-focused community. Our members experience greater continuity of care, as well as the comfort of knowing they will be treated with respect by people who genuinely care about them, their families and their communities.

Fast Facts

ArchWell Health is hearquarted in Nashville, TN

Headquartered in Nashville, TN

ArchWell Health Locations

Centers opening mid 2021

ArchWell Health's Mission

Mission statement: To Empower Seniors to Live Life to the Fullest

The ArchWell Health Approach

The ArchWell Health Approach focuses on wellness-based care. The result? A higher level of care for seniors at a lower cost.

  • Approximately 500 members per doctor
  • Deeper member-doctor relationships with more time per visit
  • We only serve seniors
  • An interdisciplinary, team-based approach with primary care doctors supported by social, nutritional and behavioral health providers in each center
  • Healthcare technology built around members and clinicians

The Model of Care

The ArchWell Health Model
Engage the community

Engage the community


Provide a best-in-class clinical model for seniors

Prevent sickness

Prevent sickness and increase longevity


The Centers

Come in. Make yourself at home. Our center is your center, and we want you to feel at home while you’re here. Every room and space is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Want to take an in-person tour? We’d love to show you around your ArchWell Health center. Simply call us and we’ll be happy to schedule a tour.

Message from the CEO

Carl Whitmer, CEO2021 marks my 27th year of working in the healthcare industry. During these years, I have been honored to serve, along with many wonderful colleagues, in a diverse range of healthcare settings, including physicians’ practices, hospitals, managed care organizations, behavioral health, and various other ambulatory and post-acute services. Because of these broad life and professional experiences, I have seen the healthcare industry from virtually every angle and perspective—and believe strongly there is a tremendous opportunity to significantly improve the way healthcare is delivered for the benefit of the patient. What really matters is the ability to provide a superior patient experience while delivering better outcomes all at a lower cost.

During my career, I have witnessed great service provided by caregivers resulting in amazing outcomes for patients. Unfortunately, on many occasions, I have seen where coordination of care, communication, and compassion fall well short of what is needed. The undeniable truth is that large segments of our population are being left behind due to a lack of access to quality care. Seniors, in particular, are struggling to find providers who will take the time necessary with them and help them navigate the confusing maze of our modern healthcare landscape. The combined lack of access, coordination of care, communication, and compassion profoundly impact patients and their families.

The creation of ArchWell Health is driven by a desire to take the confusion out of healthcare, to bring access to underserved communities, to deliver something more friendly, more personal, and more patient-focused with compassion. Today, ArchWell Health is here to transform the face of healthcare and provide seniors the level of care they so clearly deserve.

Collectively, our team has worked with thousands of physicians across the country. Based on our experiences, we believe there is a different way—a better way—to deliver primary care to our vulnerable seniors, and we work diligently toward that goal every single day.

I invite you to learn more about ArchWell Health and our industry-changing model of care. I am confident that you will like what you see.

Carl Whitmer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We will listen to you, spend time with you and treat you with respect. We will make you feel at home.