Dr. Esunju

Dr. Spora Esunju

Position: Doctor

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Dr. Spora Esunju knows what it’s like to live in a medically underserved community. The opportunity to serve seniors in great need of quality healthcare was one of the factors that attracted her to ArchWell Health.

Dr. Esunju began her career as a nurse, then felt the calling to become a doctor. After completing medical school, she spent three years doing clinical research. Her respect for the senior population led her to focus on caring for seniors. “Our seniors are people who have worked hard all their lives,” she explained. “All the things we enjoy today are because of their hard work. I see them as heroes.”

Dr. Esunju is excited to be practicing the ArchWell Health model of care. She feels that spending extra time with seniors is vital to providing quality care. “You really have to take extra time to listen to seniors. Everything they say is important. You have to take everything very seriously because something minor like a stomachache could be a sign of something major,” she said.

When she’s not busy at ArchWell Health, Dr. Esunju can usually be found spending time with family and friends. Her 12-year-old daughter keeps her busy these days with school, modeling classes and other activities. She loves trying new cuisine, especially spicy ethnic dishes.

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