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Make the switch to a
mail-order pharmacy to get your prescriptions delivered to your door.

Get your prescriptions delivered directly to your door.

Why choose a mail-order pharmacy? 

Embrace the convenience of our mail-order pharmacy services, which are designed to deliver your prescriptions directly to your doorstep.

You’re more than a patient—you’re also a member. That means:

  1. Cost savings — Many insurance plans offer lower co-pays for mail-order prescriptions. Plus, there are no delivery fees.
  2. Call centers — Pharmacists are available to answer your questions any time of the day. No waiting in line at the store.
  3. Convenience – Prescription delivery ensures you never miss a refill, helping you stay on track with your medication.

Or ask your ArchWell Health provider to select electronic prescriptions for your medication. Find your ArchWell Health center phone number below.