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Kansas City Member says ArchWell Health is Her "Home Away From Home"

    • September 12, 2023

Longtime Independence, Missouri resident and retired cardiovascular technician, Faye Mitchell, shares the same plight as far too many baby boomers who live alone or are more dependent on family and other caregivers than they would like to be. Faye confessed she used to spend hours just sitting in a chair watching TV to help pass the time and allay her sadness after the passing of her husband. But for Faye and thousands of other seniors in her situation, she experienced an unexpected rebirth when her insurance company suggested she seek primary care at ArchWell Health.

With dedicated focus on the physical and mental health of adults 60+, ArchWell Health is a national company serving individuals on Medicare Advantage plans in nine states, including three conveniently located centers in the Kansas City area, including Independence, Overland Park and on Prospect Avenue near downtown.

Although Faye was introduced to ArchWell Health for primary care, where she benefits from longer doctor visits and same-day scheduling, she says it is the care team, meeting new friends and engaging in social activities that brings her back to the center – to the tune of 4-5 days a week. For those on the front lines caring for seniors, this comes as no surprise.

According to the CDC, social isolation in older adults is a serious public health risk for dementia and premature death due to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Loneliness also accounts for higher rates of depression, anxiety and even suicide.

ArchWell Health Members in Kansas City participating in a chair yoga class in center.

ArchWell Health Members participate in a chair yoga class at the Independence ArchWell Health center in Kansas City.

Each week Faye chooses from a variety of social activities that ArchWell Health provides to keep her body and mind active. For exercise, she exerts herself by playing cornhole and taking Zumba classes. To keep her mind fresh and stimulated (a proven method for slowing the progress of dementia), Faye takes sewing classes, plays bingo, and is a top contender of bowling on the Nintendo Wii. Of most importance to Faye, she finds comfort at the center joining other seniors in thoughtful discussion about grief, her family and all other aspects of her life that her new friends seem to be going through as well.

“I was hesitant to leave my old doctor. But I walked through the doors at ArchWell Health and my heart was pounding; I was so excited,” said Faye. “It truly is my home away from home. I feel loved and cared for, and they help me with anything I need. I would tell anyone in my shoes, if you’re sad and feel like your life is over, just come visit whether you are a member or not. It will be a blessing.”

Faye’s daughter and caretaker couldn’t agree more. “I see such a difference in my mom. I love her to see her so happy, energized and fulfilled.”

ArchWell Health Members enjoy a summer wreath making arts and crafts session. 

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