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How to Exercise with Arthritis

    • June 8, 2023
    • Wellness
    • 3 minute read

Exercise can become more difficult with age. Aches and pains from arthritis can make activities you once enjoyed feel like a chore. It can also feel overwhelming to decide what exercises will help reduce the joint stiffness and muscle pain associated with arthritis. But there is good news! Just a few minutes of movement a day can help ease the impacts arthritis has on your life. So, if regular exercise and movement is a part of your plan, you’ll be able to maintain a whole and healthy life with arthritis.

It is important to always talk with your ArchWell Health provider about your individual care plan and how exercise can fit into your wellness goals. These suggestions could be a great place to start a conversation.

Try low-impact activities.

Low impact activities and daily movement can lessen the symptoms of arthritis. Plus, these activities can help protect your knees and other joints as you age. Walking, dancing, cycling, water activities and even gardening are all examples of low-impact exercises. Using a resistance band can also be a fun, low-impact way to build strength and fight off arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation suggests 14 workouts for individuals with arthritis here.

Do not forget to stretch.

Stretching in the morning can help you warm up your muscles and joints for the day. Plus, stretching your arms, shoulders, hips and knees can help increase or maintain your range of motion. This means you will be able to move throughout the day with less pain! Talk with your ArchWell Health provider about safe stretches for your body and current pain levels.

Hydrate and eat well after any exercise.

Drinking water is always important but is especially crucial after exercise. Make sure you take time to sit down with a glass of water after completing a low-impact activity or stretching. Eating certain foods can also help reduce inflammation that contributes to arthritis discomfort. Try fueling up with fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, unrefined grains, nuts, seeds and beans after an activity.

Check out ArchWell Health's Zumba and chair yoga classes.

Not only are Zumba and chair yoga classes low-impact activities that can protect your joints from stress, but they are also fun ways to improve your balance and get active. ArchWell Health Centers host a range of activities every week for members. Talk to your local center today to sign up!

Remember you are not alone in dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. Your ArchWell Health care team is ready to help you create a plan so that you live your life to the fullest.

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