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Florida Gulf Coast Seniors Will Soon Have Access to Better Healthcare as ArchWell Health Opens 10 Member-Centric Centers Providing Excellence in Primary Care and Healthy Living Options

    • March 28, 2023
    • News and Media
    • 3 minute read

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 28, 2023) – Seniors along the Florida Gulf Coast will soon have access to high-quality primary care and healthy living options as ten member-centric primary care health centers are set to open in communities throughout the Florida Gulf Coast this summer. ArchWell Health is a national company providing an advanced model of value-based care services to Medicare-eligible seniors. The company announced this expansion as part of its continued growth in all parts of the United States including the Southeast region.

The initial center opening in Florida will be located at 9852-54 Little Road in New Port Richey. ArchWell Health will open nine additional centers in the following weeks, bringing the total number to 10 brand-new member-centric centers spread across Pasco, Pinellas, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. Each center has been strategically located in easily accessible areas that historically have had limited access to quality primary care.

ArchWell Health centers provide a unique healthcare experience to the residents of the Gulf Coast. Each center is equipped with physicians and care teams specifically trained to support seniors on their wellness journey. Atypical of other clinics in the area, ArchWell Health offers same-day appointments where the patient-to-doctor ratio is well below the national average, ensuring doctors have the time they need with each individual patient to solve their unique health challenges. Each member is assigned a primary care provider who coordinates a team of ArchWell Health colleagues to provide a personalized approach that encourages each member to live their healthiest life. Additionally, to help seniors avoid isolation and maintain an active mind and body, each center hosts a social space with weekly events in a bright, welcoming environment that fosters friendships and connections. These activities include programs that educate members about healthy lifestyle choices and wellness.

“We understand healthcare isn’t just about visiting the doctor; it’s about establishing ongoing, long-term relationships with our members in order to monitor and respond to their unique physical and emotional needs,” says Carl Whitmer, CEO of ArchWell Health. “By bringing our member-centric healthcare centers to Floridians, we hope to address the multi-faceted needs of the area’s senior population. Our primary care providers are supported by social, nutritional, and overall well-being services teams to ensure our member’s physical, mental, and emotional needs are being met.”


About ArchWell Health

ArchWell Health™ is a national company devoted to improving the lives of senior members by providing an advanced level of value-based care. ArchWell Health delivers best-in-class care at comfortable, accessible neighborhood centers where seniors can feel at home and become part of a vibrant, wellness-focused community.

Members experience greater continuity of care, as well as the comfort of knowing they will be treated with respect by people who genuinely care about them, their families, and their communities. ArchWell Health currently operates over 30 centers located in Birmingham, Phoenix, Tucson, Charlotte, Kansas City, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Las Vegas.

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