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ArchWell Health's Dr. Myles Explains the Importance of Stroke Prevention

    • June 19, 2023
    • Wellness
    • 2 minute read
  • Allison Tierney

"80% of all strokes are preventable," said ArchWell Health St. Louis' Dr. Otha Myles in a recent interview. "Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States, so we have an opportunity to prevent that."

Dr. Myles has been working with families and seniors in the St. Louis area for over a decade and currently cares for older adults at ArchWell Health’s Overland Park location in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Myles says the seniors he works with often express concerns about their risk of stroke.

One of the advantages of ArchWell Health's care model is that members can spend more time speaking with their provider about health conditions and general anxieties. "Some people ask me why we want to see our patients so frequently. One reason is that we want to prevent diseases or prevent medical conditions before they happen," Dr. Myles explained. "Managing blood pressure and controlling your cholesterol are things we try to talk about every visit when you come to see us at ArchWell Health. And these could be crucial to preventing a stroke."

Dr. Myles says that during these conversations members and providers can talk about stroke prevention measures like decreasing sugar consumption, controlling blood pressure, stopping smoking and more.

It’s also important for older adults to know the signs of a stroke. Slurred speech, inability to smile, weakness and confusion are some of the signs you need immediate medical attention. Dr. Myles cautioned, “If you are seeing facial drooping, arm weakness, or speech difficulty you really should call 911. Do not try to get to the doctor’s office by yourself or go to the hospital by yourself.”

As men and women age, they should become more away of their risk of stroke. Although they can happen at any age, the risk of stroke doubles every 10 years after age 55.

Act to prevent a stroke today. Visit your ArchWell Health center to talk about lifestyle changes that could decrease your risk of stroke.

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