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ArchWell Health Announces Partnership with Carolina Farm Trust to Provide Healthy, Locally-Grown Produce to Seniors

CHARLOTTE, NC (April 23, 2024) – ArchWell Health, a national company dedicated to improving the lives of seniors, announces its partnership with Carolina Farm Trust, a nonprofit championing shared local food systems to build equitable access to food and improve the collective health of our bodies and the environment, to address nutrition barriers to health for seniors in Charlotte. This collaborative partnership will provide seniors in need with access to healthy, locally-grown Senior Produce Boxes on a regular basis at The Park Church (6029 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216).

In addition to more than 500 pounds of fresh produce provided on a monthly basis, adults 60+ will have access to cooking demonstrations, community resources and events where they can learn more about healthy eating.

"As a non-profit committed to impactful change, Carolina Farm Trust is cultivating a future where every aspect of the community food system is a force for good, fostering connection, resilience, and prosperity for all populations," said Zack Wyatt, President & CEO of Carolina Farm Trust. "We are happy to partner with ArchWell Health to improve access to nutritious food for senior citizens in Charlotte. Everyone deserves healthy, fresh food."

Studies indicate that multiple factors influence health outcomes for seniors, including safe housing, transportation and access to good nutrition. In the case of older adults, these social determinants of health can directly impact their longevity, mobility and independence.

In Charlotte, many seniors struggle with consistent access to affordable healthy produce. North Carolina has the 10th highest rate of food insecurity in the nation – an issue that is exacerbated by common obstacles for seniors, such as access to transportation and special dietary requirements. However, local organizations like Carolina Farm Trust are working with trusted partners like ArchWell Health to provide access to locally-grown produce.

“As primary care providers focused on helping seniors live healthy lives, we know the important role that healthy eating plays in every aspect of their lives,” said Dr. Havon Knight, ArchWell Health. “We’re grateful to be aligned with organizations like Carolina Farm Trust that not only recognize the needs of our seniors but collaborate in providing solutions. This partnership will literally fuel more seniors in our community by giving them access to the foods they need to stay active and healthy.”

ArchWell Health has two centers in North Carolina; one in Eastway and one in North Charlotte. In addition to high-quality primary care for adults 60+, ArchWell Health offers same-day appointments and weekly activities in a bright, welcoming environment that fosters friendships and connections.

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About ArchWell Health

ArchWell Health™ is a national company devoted to improving the lives of senior members through excellent primary care. With longer appointment times, in-house lab testing, same-day scheduling and weekly social activities, ArchWell Health members experience how the little things change everything. Each primary care center is conveniently located in neighborhoods with ease of access and provides an opportunity for seniors to connect with a vibrant, caring community.

Recently named one of Modern Healthcare’s 2023 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, ArchWell Health serves Medicare Advantage members over the age of sixty in centers across Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

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About Carolina Farm Trust

Carolina Farm Trust (CFT) is championing the growing movement to localize food supply chains. We restore the vital connections between agriculture, chefs, and consumers and develop the right private-public partnerships to create resilient community food systems. CFT is a holistic solution for growing city regions, like Charlotte, N.C., to reframe agriculture as a way to provide a benefit to urban and rural populations, address many of the underlying inequalities as well as social and environmental issues associated with current food supply chains, and ultimately, regain control of food supply chains.

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