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Dana Kirksey Wins St. Louis Excellence in Nursing Honor

    • 四月 23, 2024
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RN Clinical Manager Dana Kirksey has been named on of St. Louis magazine's 2024 Excellence in Nursing Award winners. The Excellence in Nursing award was established in ____ to recognize  ____. Since the award launched in ____, St. Louis nurses serving patients in all settings have ___. 

Kirksey was recognized in the ___ category for 2024. Her work at ArchWell Health ____. 

“This job is not stressful for me. It’s really rewarding." said Kirksey on her work at ArchWell Health. "It’s fast-paced. We’re pretty busy here from the time we opened, and I’ve added more staff as we’ve added more patients." She started with ArchWell Health when the company opened its first four locations in St. Louis in 2022. "I love working for ArchWell. I'm very proud to say I'm the "first nurse" on meetings." 

Find the full list of 2024 award winners at

ArchWell Health 与维加斯谷援助之手合作满足拉斯维加斯老年人的需求

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ArchWell Health 将在拉斯维加斯地区开设三家新中心

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