News Release | November 16, 2021

ArchWell Health to Open 1st Charlotte Area Center Delivering Primary Care to Medically Underserved Seniors

Eastway Location Is Part of National Rollouts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Nov. 16, 2021) — Senior adults in Charlotte will soon have access to an innovative primary care health center focused on meeting the needs of the medically underserved.

ArchWell Health is a new healthcare company providing an advanced model of holistic primary healthcare services to Medicare-eligible seniors with the Charlotte location as part of a national rollout.

The new Charlotte center is located at 3022 Eastway Drive. A grand opening will be held Tuesday, November 30.

The Charlotte center is among the first in the United States to be opened by ArchWell Health. It is the 13th center across six states that ArchWell Health has opened since September. A second location in North Charlotte at 5740 North Graham Street is expected to be open in January 2022.

The company’s goal is to provide seniors access to excellent healthcare and healthy living options, irrespective of their economic situation. ArchWell Health centers will focus on providing comprehensive primary care for seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, with the goal of enabling members to live healthier lives by offering them a higher level of care and a more positive experience.

Dr. Michael Lipp, Chief Medical Officer, said ArchWell Health’s Charlotte center will provide a more comprehensive level of care than the traditional primary care model, including transportation to and from the center, 24-hour service, access to same-day appointments, specialty and ancillary services, social workers, nutritionists, and more.

Each center’s doctors will have significantly fewer patients than the current national average, ensuring they have more time with each patient to solve their individual health challenges. The doctors and their care teams are specifically trained to care for seniors, who have more challenging health conditions than the general population and a higher rate of chronic conditions. Patients at ArchWell Health will receive care that is well coordinated, as compared to the fragmented care that many seniors experience today.

 “Seniors often have complex medical and social needs, and our approach to care addresses each patient individually and holistically,” Dr. Lipp said. “The centers will be a safe place for seniors to connect socially and participate in activities such as exercise classes. We know how important social connection and staying active can be to leading a healthy life. We conducted extensive research in markets nationally, and we found a real need for these holistic services in the Charlotte area.”

ArchWell Health’s plan has been developed by a highly skilled management team with deep and broad healthcare experience in both provider and payor services.

Carl Whitmer, Co-Founder and CEO, said seniors experience better outcomes through greater continuity of care and a more thorough assessment of acute, chronic, and social determinant health needs.

“The healthcare needs of the senior population are often multi-faceted, so our goal is to establish long-term relationships to monitor and respond to physical and emotional needs for achieving the best quality of life,” Whitmer said. “ArchWell Health’s primary care doctors caring for our patients will be supported by social, nutritional, and behavioral health services in each center.”

ArchWell Health will have added hundreds of employees by year end 2021, increasing to more than 1,400 by end of 2023 as additional centers open.

Whitmer noted that with the growing senior population, Medicare expenditures continue to strain federal spending, and there is a growing need for focused and cost-effective care of aging Americans.

“There are approximately 63 million Medicare beneficiaries today, and about 10,000 Baby Boomers join the ranks of Medicare eligibility every day,” Whitmer said. “Medicare beneficiaries account for approximately 20 percent of national healthcare spending today, and this percentage is expected to increase.”

He said the Company’s strategy of locating in underserved communities will help to deliver care where it is needed most. ArchWell Health intends to engage seniors in the communities where they live. Outreach teams will be active at community events and work with community groups, senior organizations, religious organizations like churches, and other organizations to reach seniors in need. In addition, ArchWell Health advisory boards will work together will local community members, including church leaders, aldermen, business leaders and community groups to identify the challenges common to seniors in a local area. Dr. Lipp closed with, “We are thrilled to be bringing together a team of excellent, caring primary care providers to begin serving our patients in our communities.”

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